The Gregg Conundrum

If reports are right that Judd Gregg will be named Commerce secretary, the only question is: why is Gregg doing this? Commerce is typically a backwater cabinet post far from the action on anything. Even the most creative reinvention of the job would leave it nowhere near the thick of key issues like the budget and the future of Social Security and Medicare, which Gregg's Senate posts give him a real voice in. Plus, if Al Franken is finally seated, and New Hampshire's Democratic governor appoints a Democrat to replace Gregg, Senate Democrats would reach the magic 60 votes that could give them the power to really get things done. I can see why it's a brilliant move for Obama if he can pull it off, but what Gregg is thinking escapes me. Thoughts, anyone?


Blogger kyles42 said...

wasnt Herbert Hoover the commerce secretary under Harding and Coolidge...I guess that is where he learned his depression busting ways:)

February 2, 2009 at 10:15 AM  

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