Overheard on CNBC

Reporter on the floor of the stock market saying that while everyone agrees government has to do something big to stimulate the economy, "investors just don't trust the government to get it right." That's as opposed to the private sector -- especially discredited/graced leaders and firms like John Thain and Ken Lewis and AIG and Citigroup etc -- who can be trusted to get it right?


Blogger Christopher said...

Hey Matt - last night Jon Stewart said something about the bailout and I couldn't decide if it was crazy or brilliant.

His idea (and maybe others too) was that the government should give the bailout money to average people and that it has to be used to repay debt and morgages (presumably vouchers or something). That way, the banks indirectly get their money (and their bad loans paid off) and the people get to wipe out their debt.

Stewart called it a "trickle-up" approach. Could it work?

January 28, 2009 at 10:50 AM  

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