Detroit Blackmail?

Can anyone explain why GM and Chrysler say they'll need $100 billion and $25 billion in financing respectively if they have to file bankrupcy, but far far less if they stay out under the latest hat in hand plans they've brought to DC? The enormous difference in magnitudes feels like it's part of Detroit's rhetorical blackmail to get the fix it wants (i.e. not bankrupcy), but maybe I'm missing something.


Blogger Vic said...

Enough is enough
Get out of Canada Chrysler
You have pushed your luck one step too far. We Canadians will not let ourselves abused and threatened with blackmail as you are now doing.

We will replace your jobs with the many new jobs free energy technology will create.

The boycott of your products are around the corner. You , like the rest of the multi Nationals that are the evil one's on this planet are loosing control, we know it and so do you. So stop begging governments for grants and abusing the workers. you time is up.

''Peaceful power to the people''

May the light shine wisdom on those still sleeping.

The people are about to show you evil abusers where this planet is going. and it's not your way for shure. and all this will be done peacefully.

March 12, 2009 at 8:11 PM  
Blogger Vic said...

Chrysler like the rest of the multi Nationals better not try this blackmailing game. There abuse has lasted too long.

Let them get out of Canada I do not care.We will replace them with the new jobs that the new free energy technology will create.
We do not need evil abusers like Chrysler and the others who want to impose themselves on the people of this planet.

What I know Boycott of the Chrysler product is close. The evil one's will not impose the corrupt system they have been doing for too long now.

Planetary consciousness is not at the level of WW2 1939-1945.
We are in 2009 things have changed and the people of earth will soon show what I mean.

Enough of the abusers and welcome to the new world about to born.

March 12, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

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